Brainetics Merchandising!

BraineticsBrainetics is a fun educational tool created and supplied by Mike Byster and winner of 2008 Award of Parent’s Choice. This direct response product is marketed through TV and online marketing and in 2013 redesigned the client’s original version increasing conversion substantially. (See previous version at the bottom of the page.) The project included a desktop and mobile site where several versions of the homepage were A/B tested for performance. It also covers email marketing, display advertising and a post-conversion¬† upsell path, all redesigned for monetization.

Graphic Design by: Jon Derk

Merchandising & Optimization: Dino Bernardi


BraineticsBrainetics emailPromotional and life-cycle email marketing helps with incremental monetization.

Also there are a series of upsells post primary product conversion to enhance average sale value.









brainetics2013-07-22_16-33-56Client’s version of Brainetics before improvement was less engaging and numerous purchase options reduced success with conversion.

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