Cycling Challenge IV

©Atelier85We designed the posters and all supporting material for the annual Cycling Challenge supported by LA Wings and L.A.P.D. event in Los Angeles. The pieces usually included a poster, invitations, advertisements, banners, billboards, t-shirts, forms and any other necessary pieces. The event was usually associated with Los Angeles Chinatown so there is a Chinese theme in most of the art.



A certificate of appreciation was designed for the Community Redevelopment Agency of City of Los Angeles, for Bob Frazier of Frazier Aviation for all his effort in coordinating the Cycling Challenge Event in Chinatown.


Other pieces designed were street banners to be hung as a double banners on lamp posts and horizontal posters for city buses.

©Atelier85 ©Atelier85


©Atelier85 ©Atelier85

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