Redesign is a major online mailing and shipping service to the business and the consumer. in 2003 we redesigned the site based on a prototype that was tested for the new product Netstamps which proved very successful for conversion as well as usability. Clear navigation and concise information helps the user find and complete their tasks while helping new customers get enough information to convert. Atelier85Atelier85Atelier85Atelier85stampstradeshow2stampstradeshow3Atelier85Print direct response is an important marketing channel for and many different formats are used to accomplish conversion.

Atelier85 guide helps customers with using the software and products.




Online newsletters were an excellent way to keep in touch with customers and also provide an opportunity to increase product sales and make announcements of upgrades and new products.

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Redesign of the stamps for improved the look and feel as well as security and processing of this highly secure and regulated products.

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