Corporate Motors Identity

©Atelier85©Atelier85This branding project was extensive including logo, letterhead, folders for sales collateral and documents, uniforms, signage, a corporate website for information and follow up communication.

Graphic Design by: Dino Bernardi
©Atelier85©Atelier85©Atelier85Corporate Motors was one of the largest automotive dealers in Northern California in the 1990’s. They mostly resold good quality newer cars from rental fleets and had a vast network of credit unions as part of their affiliates. Their branding need was to reflect a high end automotive look and feel.

©Atelier85Besides the sales and corporate team we also designed special uniforms for technicians and service professionals.


As part of this project co-branded website templates were created for all the credit union sales, announcing and giving information to the public with details of vehicles available as well as information for transaction and location.

cm-cu-meriwest1 cm-cu-meriwest-3cm-cu-meriwest2


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