no!no! PRO Merchandising

no!no! Pro no!no! Pro is a direct response e-commerce site marketed primarily through TV infomercials as well as online advertising.  In the personal care vertical it is a battery operated hair removal solution that uses a patented technology to remove hair without pain and provides long lasting results. It is designed for all types of skins and for men as well as women. It comes in a few different models and strengths as well as different colors. It is offered as a risk-free trial where you have 60-days to try and if you are not happy to return it for a full refund including the shipping back and forth.

In 2013 and 2014 we optimized the site for branding as well as conversion by testing several version of layouts and content. The exercise resulted in segmenting for marketing channels.

The project included both desktop, tablet and mobile versions.

Graphic Design by: Jon Derk

Merchandising & Optimization: Dino Bernardi

The mobile version below is optimized for maximum conversion and messaging on smartphones. It has a menu navigation as well as homepage buttons to get to the main pages. It does provide one click calling to order and other user experience customized to mobile in order to increase conversion and ease of use.

no!no! Mobile

no!no! hairOther successful version included the version to left which does not include FREE Shipping and is focused on the product and its!no! is marketed through many channels and in many international countries.

Also see other designs for the same page below:

no!no! other versions

And the original version prior to optimization is the below version with the purple background :


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