Atelier85 specializes in providing creative service online and print, with full graphic design expertise. Creating web design, websites, online interactive designs, application UI and UX, e-commerce and shopping cart design optimized for conversion and monetization as well as for best user experience. Also an expert in print design, including collaterals, posters, annual reports, marketing material, banners, letterheads and corporate identity, logos for corporation and businesses, print logos as well as online brand and identity. Expert banners and advertising for display advertising, creative writing and marketing messaging, copy editing and optimization for merchandising and direct response, life-cycle marketing, emails, promotional emails and other type of email marketing. Direct response marketing and direct response e-commerce sites with high conversion rates including mobile and tablet platforms. Illustrations and environmental design including signage for navigation, signage for construction and buildings. Merchandising, design briefs and creative direction. All forms of optimization including testing, A/B testing, Multivariate testing or Multi-variant testing, expert analysis of business metrics and KPI, User behavior analysis through Omniture and Google Analytics and recommendation for product improvements pricing and product positioning and product marketing, continuity marketing and positioning and copywriting. Clients and Projects include,,,,, nonohair, Uchida, Brainetics, Loanstore, USSearch, US Search, Intelius, Full Bar, IVar Theater, The Suicide Machines, GOLO, Dermawand, Dermavital, Hollywood Social Needs, Hollywood, LA Wings, LAPD, Hollywood Bike Patrol, Kyrobak, Showbizjobs, Elastin rp, Conair, Curl Secret, Wolfgang Puck Oven, Corporate Motors, Cilunet, GE, ifocus, CBD, The Community Redevleopment Agency of The City of Los Angeles, CRA/LA CRALA, GOLO, Campfire Boys and Girls Club, The Waterbed Wars, Fly on the Wall, Hamlet, Othello, Los Angeles Women's Sheakespeare Company, Airman, Atelier85,, Atelier85 Design, Shang, Cinchy, TrueRep, Wise Company, Identity Shield, CystaQ, Cebria, MDLive, Health and Life Enrichment Expo, Los Angeles Public Library, Chinatown, Coolway, Lipozene, Shang, HBO Comedy, Firewind, FireRiver, BBQ Dragon, MaxiVision, Greggway.